The Darkest Spot Of Human Society : Poverty

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The darkest spot in human society : Poverty
Poverty does not have one definition that covers the whole topic. It is a complicated, multi-stage concept which revolves around many sub-topics. But most commonly ‘poverty’ is used to refer to the lack of access to basic resources and human needs such as food, clean water, sanitation/hygiene, education and capital. By capital, I mean wealth, specifically self-sustaining because health and happiness play equally as much importance as money. Most people categorize the issue poverty as having little or no money but in fact it consists of many more prospects and smaller issues .Majority of the social, global and economic issues in our world today are all consequences of poverty. It is not only the largest global and social crisis, but it is also the reason behind many other social issues such as: child prostitution/abuse, hunger and terrorism. Smaller issues such as overfilled orphanages, institutional control over consumer prices and low pay wages are also indirect results of poverty. Several issues like, hunger and illness as shown in the book, are both causes and consequences of poverty for example : not having clean water means you are poor, but being poor also means you can 't afford clean water, making poverty one of the most complicated and interconnected social and economic issues of our time.
Through the past few decades and very quickly after the industrial age the human society has transformed in a way that the lack of
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