The Darkness Of Light By Ambrose Bierce

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Ambrose Bierce was known as the “mist of light”. His stories were usually centered on civil war. It was usually a horror or supernatural story, but it could be a comic or tall-tale as well. Bierce’s “Chickamauga” is nothing short of a horror story. This story is known as one of the most powerful anti-war stories, and fits in with the literary criticism New Historicism. It is about a young boy around the age of 6 years, whose father had fought in the Civil War. We later find out that the young boy is deaf and mute. This, and him being only 6 years of age, causes him to be naïve about the things he sees in the forest one day when he gets lost.
The story starts off with the young boy wandering off from the house he lives at, hoping to find an adventure. He even brought his wooden sword along to fight the “battles” he was to face. He soon realizes he is lost and gets startled by a rabbit, and he begins crying himself to sleep. When he sees the rabbit, he is “confronted with a new and more formidable enemy.” This is an example of imagery in the story which is carried throughout the story (Bierce). When he finally awakes, he begins to see men crawling on their hands and feet toward him. This is one time his naïve ways get in the way. The narrator of the story says, “Something in this – something too, perhaps, in their grotesque attitudes and movements- reminded him of the painted clown whom he had seen last summer in the circus, and he laughed as he watched them.” He didn’t
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