The Darkness Of The Castle

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This proved necessary because, on the thirty-second day of Tomislav’s stay, Aeschine’s father, the kind-hearted King Wymond, passed away. She did not believe it at first, standing completely frozen for an immeasurable amount of time, until Tomislav discovered her petrified form and shook her out of it. It was then that the tears started, horribly loud wails echoing through the otherwise silent walls of the castle. Tomislav left her to alone to mourn, only appearing in the room hours later to collect the body. Aeschine was too overwhelmed to tell him to stay by her, craving the comfort of his arms to help keep her together. She stayed in the room, mourning and wailing alone for two days before she finally stopped, having no more tears left to give. It was then that she left the room, wanting to find Tomislav and have him console her in her time of need. She was met instead with what seemed like fifty men, all rearranging things in the castle, mainly removing the portraits of her father and his lineage that decorated the walls. Nobody paid any mind to her when she demanded for them to stop, simply ignoring her pleas for them to leave. Horrified, she searched for her dear Tomislav, hoping that he was not hurt by these intruders. She found him in the kitchen, calmly eating an apple, as he watched the array of men move things around him. “Tomislav!” She ran to him, wrapping her thin arms around him in an embrace. “I’m so glad that you are not hurt. You have to stop these men,

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