The Darkness Of The Night

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The slightly built woman dreaded the advancing darkness of the night as she stood solemnly by the window, staring, but not actually seeing the rolling green hills of the Appalachian Mountains. Their peaks dominated the landscape, rising high above the treetops. How she would love to escape over their crests never to return. In the distance, an encroaching curtain of gloom had begun to fall across the countryside. Lightning bolts flashed brilliantly across the sky briefly brightening the room, as the loud rumble of thunder shook the windows. The damp air from the approaching rain blew through the open window and hung in the room with humid, oppressive tension, bringing the potential for chaos along with a cleansing relief from the relentless summer heat. Worry and doubt cast a burden on her heart as the setting sun slowly seeped into the earth, drawing her ever closer to despair. Uneasy fingers ruffled through light brown hair, which flowed in long waves to her waist. Beautiful, tear-filled violet eyes reflected an intensity that was rare in someone so young. One hand reached up hastily wiping a tear from her rosy cheek where a smattering of faint freckles ran randomly across the bridge of her nose. The bleakness of the threatening thunderclouds, chasing across the evening sky, matched the depth of her encompassing depression. It was Friday, and the coal miners would be converging on the local merchants to spend the small amount of cash they received each week. The
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