The Darkside of Whistleblowing

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Being a Whistleblower – Advantages and Disadvantages Whistleblowers are strong and brave people, for example employees, who recognize a wrong behavior of someone or their organization and want to do something against it in order to see that this behavior, or the wrong actions taken, are corrected – for them it is a matter of ethical responsibility, and they need to do it to feel comfortable in their skin. An advantage of this behavior is that the Whistleblowers feel a deep satisfaction making a substantial contribution toward the welfare of society. Of course, personal gratification isn’t the only benefit of becoming a whistleblower. For example, in qui tam cases under the federal False Claims Act, Congress decided to give whistleblowers…show more content…
But by the time he recognized he could gain profit out of blowing the whistle on this case, he followed the wrong path. Instead of telling the right people inside the company, he collected material to prove his theory and did not hesitate to trap colleagues which weren’t really part of the fraud, just to get a good amount of money for him out of it. So he chose his own interests above the interests of the organization. The Federal Government as a representative of the United States had to act on behalf of all people who had an interest in this case, such as doctors or competitors in the same industry. Federal Government acted under the assumptions of the utilitarian approach. The utilitarian approach to ethical decision making says that the ethical choice is one that produces the greatest good for the greatest number (R.L. Daft & D. Marcic, 2013). Assessment of the actions taken by Douglas Durand and the Federal Government According to Alex Storey (2009), in the old days, you were expected to be loyal or be fired. Durand refused to be loyal to his company and chose to follow the ethical individualism approach. The individualism approach suggests that actions are ethical when the individual’s best long-term interests, because with everyone pursuing self-interested, the greater good is ultimately served (R.L. Daft & D. Marcic, 2013). Because most people try to get the best for their own interest, there might be a great understanding for the behavior of Douglas Durand

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