The Darling By Anton Chekhov Essay

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A “darling” can best be described as an affectionate form of addressing a beloved person, someone who is pretty or has charm. In Olga Semyonova’s case, she is considered both. Olga is the main character in “The Darling” by Anton Chekhov. “The Darling” is set in the 19th century, and represents most of the women from that time era. Olga is a woman that falls in love with men, yet can’t seem to find who she really is inside. She can only be described in one word as a “Darling”. Olga’s only aspiration and dream in life is to find someone that will give her unconditional love. In Olga’s life, she has been lucky enough to find two wonderful men, Kukin and Pustovalov, to give her that kind of love she desired. Although these relationships ended tragically, they gave her what she needed to feel complete in that moment. It isn’t until in her later years she finds someone that truly completes her, Sashenka. In the reader’s perspective, we can see that there is something missing throughout her life, her independence. Olga’s relationships show that she is dependent on male affection, emotionally reliant towards others, and lacking any personality of her own. In Olga’s life she had married a theater owner, Kukin, and a timber merchant, Pustovalov. In both of these marriages she relied only on the opinions and views they had in their field of work. When Olga was married to Kukin, “She used to say to her acquaintances that the theatre was the chief and most important thing
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