The Data Analysis For Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Plan

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The data analysis for business continuity and disaster recovery is divided into three parts. All the three parts strive to properly examine and answer the research questions in a well-structured and organized manner. The data which was analyzed from various reliable sources, such as white papers, leading companies and BCP service providers, and also survey reports on business continuity and disaster recovery will help in exploring the research questions and provide proper guidelines for employees and make them prepared for any unexpected event/disaster.
Step 1: Answering Research Question 1
What are the best practices for effectively implementing BUSINESS CONTINUITY and DISASTER RECOVERY Plan. Research for this question will be done by reviewing the data which was gathered from many different sources focused on business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Sources from where the information is gathered will be chosen based on the credibility of the website/journal.
First, how lack of bcp and drp can negatively impact the organization will be explained and also a graph which includes an effective business continuity process plan which each and every organization must follow. Later, three phases are created through which we can effectively implement bcp and drp and the phases will be created by using the data from studies which were gathered from Google search engine and also from the Ferris State library.
Table 1:
Most effective search keywords at reducing results.
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