The Data Encryption And Decryption

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The presentation layer receives the message and put it in a form that the receiving machine understands. The data encryption and decryption if needed occurs at this layer as well. The information generated at this layer is put into a header called data, which is added to the header received by the application layer. Now the presentation layer passes the new data to the session layer. In addition, the presentation layer at the receiving computer takes the header delivered by the lower layer (the session layer), decodes it, and presents the new data to the user at the application layer.8 The session layer in fact cannot distinguish between the message and the data added to it by the presentation layer. Therefore, the session layer does not know the original information generated at the application layer. When data reaches to the session layer, the session layer initiates and manages the connection sessions between the sending and receiving computers.8 The session layer can be thought of as a communication channel or port through which devices connect to each other. The session layer adds the connection session information to the data received from the presentation layer and passes the new data to the transport layer. 8 The session’s header is also called data. The transport layer is responsible for managing the transmission of data between the two computers. At this layer, data is divided into small segments so that segments are transported one at a time. The transmission of
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