The Data Needed For The Survey

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QUESTION 1 As the data needed for the survey involves respondents providing confidential information, they may be less willing to divulge that information in person, as with a personal interview or over the telephone. A self-administered anonymous online survey would likely provide more accurate responses. Also, since the information required is only two questions, and should take around 1 minute or less, respondents may be more likely to participate. As this is a simple two-question survey that does not require any further detail to divide the results into strata, simple random sampling will suffice. As the sample would be taken from families, and the classification of a family essentially includes the entire country population, it is…show more content…
The same methods are used to determine the class intervals for the TV hours, resulting in 5.1 (range 51 divided by 10), rounded up to 6. Histograms: Both histograms are unimodal (have one mode). As the mean of hours of TV viewed per week is (30.438) which is to the right of the median (30), this indicates a positive skewness. For household debt, the mean (126471.342) is to the left of the median (127318), which indicates a negative skewness. The hours of TV viewing per week appear to be moderately correlated with the level of household debt. There is a more significant disconnection with the families that view between 30-42 hours of TV per week compared with the level of household debt. As the purpose of the survey was to determine whether the level of household debt was directly related to the number of TV hours viewed per week, the independent variable (x axis) is the hours of TV viewed as it will not changed based on the household debt. However, the household debt may change based on the number of TV hours, thus the TV hours being determined as the dependent variable (y axis). Essentially, the level of household debt depends on the hours of TV viewed per week. QUESTION 3 Numerical Summary Report: Debt Mean 126,471.342 Median 127,318.000 Variance 2,052,533,099.215 Standard Deviation 45,304.890 Minimum 20,516.000 Maximum 277,234.000 Range
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