The Date Of Stock Market Game

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Han Le P2

The due day of the assignment: January 12, 2015
The dates of stock market game: Stated October 24, 2014; ended December 12, 2014
The total amount of money I ended with $4,927.07, minus $750 = $4,177.07
The number of pages therefore that I am required to write to receive full credit for the project: 8 pages

Page 1 and 2: Personal Experience This was the very first time I enter a stock market game. Stock is a complex and complicated game, which require a great interest in it. Because of this was my first time I know about stock, it is confusing, and there were many questions in my head which i need the answers for understanding its concept. Stock like a book, through spending time to play it, I
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Forth, do not buy cheap stock because it is constantly changing, not fixed, so the player easy to lose. Last, choose the right time to sell, if not, the players probably lose everything quickly. As I said, stock used to an unfamiliar definition, so I lack of experiences. So the result at the end of the stock market game that I loose. During the game was going, I had too much homework, so I did not spend much time to study the stock’s concepts as well as not pay much time to study the market. Because I did not know how to play this game professionally, I only used “buy” and “sell”, not “cover” or “short-sell”. Another reason is I bought the stock that my friend also bought as well as bought and sold in the wrong time. My biggest trade that I was successful is at November 07, 2014. At 10:32 am, I sold 35 shares of GDP and got $272,60. That was my first time I got the interest. The first reason I think of is lucky and I choose the right time to sell them. The day before, when I bought 40 shares of GDP, their prices were lower than the price at the day I sold them. As the time I bought them, I did predict they would go up the next day. I waited for the price I believed high enough to get the interest. Another biggest unsuccessful trade was in December 5, 2014. I only bought 5 shares of the ANF, but I lost so much money. ANF at that time seemed like never go up, it kept going down. I have wrong prediction on ANF.
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