The Daughter Of Celia And Hector Sanchez Essay

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The eldest daughter of Celia and Hector Sanchez, Emilia Sanchez, is twenty-eight years old. As an addict Emilia has to face fighting ways to remain sober, fight for custody of her son and handle the lack of support she has from her family. Emily is facing many encounters as she battles with addiction issues and struggles to remain sober. In order to address the client’s addiction issue, a social worker has to assess the client’s needs, be able to come up with intervention and treatment techniques, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment.
Primary Needs
In order to address the client’s problems and strengths Birkenmaier suggest using a “two compartment model”. “In this approach, the assessment includes a two component model in which the social worker first explores a series of questions with the client to define the problem situation (Component 1). The questions will not only help to identify the client’s strengths, but also their life experiences (both positive and challenging), and strategies for coping with adversity. Gathering this comprehensive perspective on the client’s identity can aid both the social worker and the client in formulating a perception of the client in terms of strengths, versus deficits. (Birkenmaier, 2014, pg.110)”
The primary areas that the social worker and Emilia need to focus on in treatment/intervention planning, involve several needs. Emilia has been unable to complete treatment for addiction, despite an honest desire to stop
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