The Daunting Workplace: Barriers to Unemployment Among the Poor

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The Daunting Workplace: Barriers to Unemployment Among the Poor Many of our nation's poor remain in abject poverty because they see no way out of a viscous cycle that has been their only known way of life for generations. In many ways the poor tend to isolate themselves from the rest of society out of fear of the unknown. There is a strange comfort in things familiar, even if those things are bad. Unemployment remains high among the poor because of social stereotypes and the many ill psychological effects that society imposes on individuals trying to break the cycle of poverty. Juveniles growing up in impoverished surroundings with a lack of familial support often take to the streets in search of love, support and acceptance.…show more content…
People who suffer from low self-esteem are often fearful of upsetting others, lack the skills and ability to effectively communicate their true feelings, and face great fear of rejection. Individuals who suffer with low self-esteem tend to become passive until their anger builds at which point they can become aggressive-defensive, sarcastic, curt, or rude, even violent such as is the case with domestic, gang, and teen violence. These traits are not exactly considered ideal in the workplace and employers don't have the time nor the inclination to teach basic communication and problem solving skills to their employees. Employees lacking self-esteem are often tardy, have high rates of absenteeism and may resort to drugs as a means of coping with feelings of inadequacy. Employers look for dependable employees who know how to work well with others. Another factor in high unemployment among the poor is disability and/or poor health caused by neglect, poor hygiene, and limited resources to provide adequate medical care. People who show up for job interviews obviously lacking in proper hygiene or visibly ill will be passed over by employers, no matter what the reason. To make matters worse, the types of jobs available to the poor are usually low-wage menial jobs that offer no opportunity for advancement. Job opportunities for less-qualified workers can be found in low-wage retailing,
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