The Day A Presidential Candidate

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Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 marks the day a presidential candidate will be elected for President. The five remaining candidates running for President, include Hilary Clinton, John Kasich, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders. The candidates who support the Democratic nomination for President are Hilary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders describes himself as a “democratic socialist” whom focuses on shrinking the gap between the American middle class and the wealthy Americans. Sanders began his public office experience after attending the University of Chicago in 1964, where he graduated with a BA in political science. Elected four terms as mayor of Burlington, Vermont, Sanders focused on issues, including rent control, property tax reform, and higher wages for the police. Sanders legacy as an effective liberal politician in Burlington is recognized with such innovations that built up Burlington as a city. The era between 1990-2006, Sanders was elected to the House of Representatives where he worked closely with President George H. W. Bush. In his years as a U.S. Representative, Sanders achievements, include the proposal of NPCR, North American Free Trade Agreement, federal benefits to same-sex couples, IBM plan, and undoing decades of financial regulations. In 2007, as an individual runner, Sanders was elected into the U.S. Senate and effectively worked with President Barack Obama signing into law. Sanders
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