The Day A White Man Stepped Foot On Canadian Soil

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The day a white man stepped foot on to Canadian soil, was the start of troubles Indigenous people have dealt with. There have been so many events and cases where Indigenous people just want what they have rights over. “So far as actual events are concerned, Oka, the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, Delgamuukw and Nunavut..” were the only few that had made headlines in the news during the 1990s. There are so many little conflicts that government has with indigenous people that no one is aware of till it becomes a big issue like the Oka Crisis when the Mohawk people of Oka were getting their rights taken away, along with their land. It was worse when you found out that the land they wanted to take away from them was the place where…show more content…
Lawyers of government agencies handle usually many disputes similar to Oka but as soon as this dispute took for a violent path they had to take other measures. Jean Ouellette was the mayor at the time that had given the go ahead on the expansion of the golf course, which consisted of sixty luxury condos and nine more holes to members only. Even some of the town’s people that were not on the reserve where against the expansion and wanted to inquire about it but the mayor’s office flat out decline to discuss anything to do with it. All this led to the Mohawk people taking action and setting up barricades to stop any developers travelling to the site so they could not carry on with their work. The mayor demanded the barricades be taken down but the Mohawk people refused to do so. This led the mayor to call in the Quebec Provincial Police and the Surete du Quebec (SQ) to help remove the barricades. This did not help the situation because the indigenous people have a long history with SQ and it has not been a good relationship. Then this dispute turned and started taking a violent route where the SQ decided to attack with tear gas and flash band grenades.(johansen, pg196) During all this gunfire ended up breaking out and that resulted to a death of SQ Corporal Marcel Lemay.(johansen,pg.221); which no one was charged for. (pg.220, fergusen) Till this day there is arguments of who shot him, if it was his own men or one of the indigenous people. After the violent
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