The Day After Completing My Experience

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The day after completing my first practicum I experienced a flood of thoughts, feelings and emotions. I had been aware of a sense of physical exhaustion, sniffling and coughing through the past 3 weeks, experiencing a lack of sleep and balancing placement with planning, reflecting and coursework, however I had not expected my mind to be in overdrive once my practicum had ended. Being based in Queensland and completing my practicum in Victoria, I was of course expecting to feel excited about returning home. I also expected to feel a sense of relief after an intense 3 weeks had come to an end. With this excitement and relief came a range of other emotions – sadness that the practicum had finished and I would most likely not see the class or…show more content…
In the auto-ethnography assessment in my first semester of study, I reflected on an event in high school where I first experienced negative emotions toward learning. Having experienced a sense of pride and accomplishment throughout the first half of my high school experience, it suddenly seemed that every mathematics class was met with anxiety, embarrassment and frustration. The relationship between emotion and learning really stood out to me on completion of my practicum. As previously mentioned, my reflections often incorporated feelings and emotions experienced throughout my teaching and learning journey – pride at planning and delivering a lesson, hopefulness when observing a student who is beginning to grasp a concept they had previously struggled with, empathy toward a student who no matter how hard she tried still found mathematics exceptionally challenging. Likewise, I often observed in class how emotion may have influenced individual students’ motivation and learning. For instance, on my first day at my placement school, I attended a music
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