The Day At West Hill High School

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Shadows Die

I 've never been able to go to a month school without ending up in the hospital in some way. Whether I was the one getting treatment, or seeing a dying family member. I was somehow always there. I have been bullied for months. I always get called an emo, or I 'm told that I should just kill myself because I 'm just a waste of space. My parents are highly abusive and they are drunks, so they thought I was lying when I said I was being bullied. They soon started to see that I was coming home with marks on me. They transferred me to a new school. Tomorrow was my first day at West Hill High School on the outskirts of Seattle, Washington. You probably would 've suspected that I would have a better time at this new school, but you 're wrong. This is where my torture begins, and where someone could change my life forever. ~8:00AM~

I get to the school, or the jail as I call it, and get my schedule.
English, rm 214, Mr. Bane
Algebra, rm 265, Ms. Algor
Chemistry, rm 253, Mr. Ferguson
History, rm 231, Mrs. Simms I am about 10 minutes late for my first hour class. "Ah," a man in a black suit and blue tie said to me, "You must be Evelyn, nice to meet you! My name is Mr. Bane. Would you please have a seat next to Mason?" A kid with goldish-brown hair swept over his left eye, his eyes a deep hazel color. He looked at me with an evil look in them. I took my seat, and Mr. bane…
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