The Day Before Sunrise

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I wake up every day before sunrise. All men are required to hunt for food, we start as early as twelve years old, I have been doing this for six years now. Trust me when I tell you the only way to get out of it is if you 're on the brink of death. The women can either work at what 's left of the factories during the day making hunting and farming equipment, or teach classes to girls and boys about what is and isn 't safe in the forest. Hunting is finished at sundown then we head over to the factories for a proper shutdown. Hunting is the utmost importance, without the woods and rivers my family and the townspeople will die. Trade between countries is completely gone, at least that 's what they say. We don 't even know if there 's any…show more content…
If you 're a patrol you are considered the second highest rank, most women will try to win them over so they can marry into that rank. It 's not very common since most of the patrols use their ranking to force women to do whatever they want, surprisingly most women don 't find that appealing. Hunters and farmers place next on the list of ranks, for without us everyone would starve. I would be lying if I didn 't say being a hunter doesn 't have its advantages, but sooner or later we are going to run out of things to kill. Women and children are the least highest on the list of ranks. They are all fragile and weak and do nothing but complain. The only thing they are good for is factory work and even then they aren 't contributing that much to the village anyway. Women and children are to be in their homes before sundown. If they fail to do this simple task then they will not be allowed outside the following day or however long it takes to sink in how important it is to be home before sundown. Women are expected to talk, act, walk, think, and dress like a lady if they do not there will be punishments. I 've never heard of what kind of punishments because I 've never encountered a women who doesn 't act like a
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