The Day Ended Uneventful - Original Writing

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The day ended uneventful. I didn 't see him, nor his friends, the rest of the day. After school I stopped at the locker room and changed into my practice clothes: a thin green pinney and a pair of white athletic shorts. I walked the distance from the locker room to the exterior door in my socks; once outside sat down on the shaded tar and began to put on my shin guards and cleats. I had just put the first foam pad on my shin when I saw her run by. The brunette who was with the boy from my Psychology class this afternoon, she was near the front of the cross country line. She had long legs so it made sense she 'd be near the front, but she was also quite fast; not graceful though, her form was messy but I guess whatever got the job done.
Shaking myself out of my daze of intrigue with her, I finished putting on my guards and laced up my cleats. I pulled up my socks over the tops of my shin guards as I walked over to the field a short walk away from the school surrounded by a silver chain-linked fence. I went through a set of waist high metal poles at the opening of the gate and walked down the narrow paved path leading towards the field edge. I dropped my bags off to the right of the pavement on the stretch of grass along the exterior of the field itself for spectators and vendors during games. With only two other people there, I laid down on the grass and placed my right forearm over my eyes blocking the sun. I could feel the heat on my now-partially exposed stomach. I laid…

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