The Day Everything Abruptly Ending with the Great Depression

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“The Roaring Twenties”, “The Nonsense Age”, “The Jazz Age”, these are just a few names that sums up 1920-1929. Babe Ruth was hitting home runs,, we had just won “The Great War”, we overcame influenza, Cinemas were opening and playing full colored movies. There were dance clubs and dance contests, skimpy shinny dresses and lots of make up. Two famous novels “The Great Gatsby” was written along with “The Sun Also Rises”. Women were being more provocative and were on the covers of magazines, they were receiving jobs and going to big universities, prostitution was becoming popular, everything seemed to be happening at once, ideas were flying high, innovation was being accepted. Everything seemed perfect. With big parities and such until October 29th, 1929, when everything abruptly ended.

In just four days the stock market lossed 100 billion dollars. In todays terms thats 1.3 trillion dollars. The stock market fluctuated up and down for a few months before it permanently dropped. This was ten times more than the US federal budget, and more than what we spent in the Great War. All that money gone in a total of four days. Because so many people had there income from these stocks everybody's money was gone. Businesses had no value anymore they had to close down. The Great Depression was under way, it would be one of the the most difficult times in Americas history.

Over the corse of the great depression thirteen million people became unemployed. There was no income
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