The Day I Can Not And Will Not Forget

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The day I cannot and will not forget On the day of April 6, 2010 I woke up, just like any normal day. The daylight quickly turned into sundown. It was a Sunday night just when I could barely see anything but heard all the commotion of wild animals outside. As I walked inside, I heard the telephone ring. My grandmother answered the continuous ringing of the phone. I could hear my great grandma through the phone. That night after the phone call I suffered a traumatic loss. This made me question everything about my life. In the summer of 2009, I felt the slight breeze blowing through my wavy hair as take an adventure to my great grandfather’s house. As I walk, I can almost taste the sweetness of the honeysuckles starting to ripen and I can feel the slight increase of temperature every minute. I’m nearly upon the drowsy house covered with various types of flowers. I walk upon the wheelchair based porch and arrive inside the house. As I approach, I can smell the aroma of mothballs mixed with the smell of freshly cut grass. On the table I saw many different games. I heard a distinctive noise down the hallway. Before I knew it, I saw my great grandpa struggling to get around the corner with his oxygen tank in his left hand. He reached the table and sat down. I noticed he sat down on two small but fluffy pillows on the chair. Within minutes, my great grandfather removed the cards from the deck and was preparing to shuffle them. I sat down in the solid, cold, and wobbly chair.

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