The Day I Met Dictator

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I grew up in a system where I had to obey orders strictly and blindly. I was born in Myanmar, also known as “Burma”, and I lived there till I was twenty one. My country was ruled by the military government even before I was born, and the dictatorship had been established well when I was growing up. The most important rule I learned as I grew up was not to get involved in politics. The worst crime to commit in my country was doing politics, and the government took severe actions such as brutal torture and many years of imprisonment to anyone who involved in political activities. I did not get into trouble throughout high school because I stayed away from politics. I even stayed away from conversations that involved how bad our government was. I was an obedient student and an obedient citizen. I had foolishly believed that I would be fine as long as I did not get involved in politics or any actions against the government. However, I learned that my life was not safe under the dictatorship no matter how hard I tried to protect it. Although I had never been sent to a principal’s office during my high school years, I was called to the rector’s office when I was a first year student in college. After I had finished high school, I attended Yangon Institute of Medicine. I was the only male student with long hair in the entire university, and my hair was long enough to reach the middle of my back. About two months after the semester had started, I received the letter from the
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