The Day I Met Natalie Bronson Essay

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The day I met Natalie Bronson was the day I attended my first family reunion. It was the summer before my freshman year of college, and my grandmother was bursting at the seams to tell everyone about my achievement at The Land. The Land was the place every family reunion was held, over 100 acres of woods with a small two room cabin sanding on a low hill. The cabin was long and narrow, and the walls were covered in polished pine boards. The right hand side had a bed on one end and storage and a kitchen on the other, whereas the left side was lined with tables, chairs, couches, and a TV set. When my grandmother and I arrived the whole house was vibrating from laughing, shouting, and music. Nervously, I hid behind my grandmother. I wasn’t sure what to expect behind the door. I hadn’t seen these people since I was a young child, and they surely wouldn’t member me. My grandmother smiled back at me as she knocked slowly but confidently on the door. Knock…. Knock…. Knock……… there was a short pause before the door cracked open a hair, and a bright blue eye cast itself down on us. It found my face first and narrowed in confusion, before finding my grandmothers and widening in excitement. “Aunt Sheri!” squealed the voice belonging to the eye. The door flung open reveling a beautiful young woman. She had shoulder length hair that was a medium chestnut brown, her eyes were a crystal blue color, her skin freckled and lightly tanned. She looked over at me and smiled, her gaze stagnant on

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