The Day I Started Living

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I am Rob Geis; a simple guy, not too exquisite. I was also a pretty decent writer before things went south; although the measly royalties from my book sales would tell you otherwise... Heh... Guess people just aren't into interesting stuff anymore. Most of them would prefer to go online and search up cat videos to pass the time instead. I was never the most intelligent guy at my school. More of the quiet loner that was known for "raging," as the guidance counselor called it, whenever someone annoyed me too much. There was even a case where I nearly killed someone for cutting me. Go figure that some jerk pulls a knife on me and the anger-management kid gets all the blame for starting a fight. Typical. So I had problems, I'm over…show more content…
He'd 'coiffed' his hair back with gel, making it look greasier than normal, along with wearing a black tuxedo with matching leather shoes. Pah! Such a waste. All that monopoly money could have gone to those who needed it. But I digress, seeing how we were in the lawyer's office not to discuss their crimes against fashion, but my grandpa's will. Sitting before us, on his giant swivel chair, sat gramp's lawyer. He was quite old himself, sporting a shaved head, which hid his balding pretty well, along with a gray suit with a tie. From the way he held the paper as he read the contents, you could tell he needed some reading glasses. "To my dear son, who has shown himself to be quite the aggressive businessman, like I was in my youth, I leave the management of the Wilhall oil industry ." The bastard had simply nodded with a smug grin on his face. At the time I wasn't sure what my grandpa was thinking, leaving his life's work in the hands of such a slimey, cruel jerk. I had almost expected said jerk to put his pinkie to his mouth and yell, "one million dollars," in a foreboding tone. Sadly his joy was less humiliating, mostly twisting his mustache between his fingers and giving my mom a flippant look as the lawyer continued. "To my daughter-in-law, I leave you as key designer managing the Wilhall designer brand. I expect you to do great things, especially with your fabulous fashion sense." Returning my dad's look, she'd started to shed crocodile
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