The Day I Was Born

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Every Sunday, since the day I was born has been a day to spend with God, family and the people I love. Bright and early every Sunday morning my older brother Blake, Alex, younger brother Stephen and I would be woken up for the early morning service at St. Paul 's Lutheran church. My mother would have breakfast ready for my father, brothers and I by 6 o 'clock in the morning so that we were fed and ready for the 8 o 'clock service. After church, we would go grocery shopping or run any errands that needed to be done. Then we would go back to the house and change out of our nice clothes. By the time church and the errands were finished it was usually lunch time. We would drive over the river to Moline, Illinois where my grandmother lives and…show more content…
Mom called dad and Uncle Skip for lunch and we all sat down, but someone was missing.
"Where 's Stephen?" My mother said to my father, "You were supposed to be watching him."
"He must have wandered back in the house without anyone noticing." Said my dad.
Everyone started yelling his name, searching the house for him and finally Blake yells a loud shriek and dives into the pool. He comes back up with Stephen in his arms. His eyes are rolled in the back of his head, his skin is a purple blue color, his hands and feet are clenched, he 's posturing, and not breathing. My mother starts pushing on his stomach and water comes gushing from his mouth. Everyone is screaming, Uncle Skip is calling 911, I am stuck in complete shock. My mother checks Stephens pulse. No pulse. She grabs my hysterical father to assist her with CPR. My mom begins pushing on his chest, and my dad goes to breathe into his mouth but he can 't control his own breathing and is breathing too heavy of breathes into Stephen so my mom tells him to push on the chest while she gives mouth to mouth. After about a minute, they get Stephen breathing again. Suddenly, a man jumps over the fence from next door to help. He gets into the shallow end of the pool and pulls Stephen to the edge of the pool. Stephen starts puking and spitting up a ton of water, so the man turns him to his side so he doesn 't choke on his vomit. After a while, the ambulance comes and grabs Stephen into the vehicle
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