The Day I Was Brave

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Bravery is something that defines your worst moments, what an individual learns in a moment in his or her life that they need to step up or turn their head and run. I will admit there have not been many moments in my life where I had to be brave, where I had to actually had to be “brave”, and to be honest I know of times I wish I was more brave in the past.
Throughout my life I have had to be brave for myself and my siblings because of my father. I was never good enough in his eyes, constant harassment, the screaming , and the looks of disappointment were something a child of 8 never deserved, though my mother stayed and tried to make things better, it never really got better until he was asleep. The screaming never stopped, when he was home, and when he wasn 't home he was working and building up anger to scream about when he got home. When my father began working the night shift I had to learn to watch my brother, make sure to be quiet, don 't wake your father, don 't cause too much racket. I was probably 10 when I first had to start watching my brother in our house’s basement because our father would come home and get on the couch to sleep and if we woke him up then he’d scream at us for five minutes. So I learned to take my brother downstairs and hide until our mother would call us up for dinner. I had to put on a happy face and tell him that his dad didnt mean all the things he had just screamed at us, he was just tired and exhausted. I had to wear a mask and be…

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