The Day I Will Start The Dream

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I stumbled through the house, trying to get away, my red hair replaced with fire, but not burning me, igniting the house around me. I woke up gasping for air, wondering why I’ve been having the same recurring nightmare ever since my parents died in a fire when I was six. It’s been haunting me for eight years. I pushed the dream aside trying to be optimistic; because today was the day I could leave this house. Don’t get me wrong, living in a huge mansion with a pool and a chef is a dream, but I just want to be free to leave. After my parents died, my cousins took me to live here and I’ve been training for this day ever since. Today is the day I will start the hunt to kill the men who killed my parents. I could remember the day…show more content…
A fireman had to haul me off the roof and I blacked out as soon as I was laid in the hospital bed, and that exact moment was when the nightmares started. I blinked away my dizziness and slowly sat up, realizing I was sprawled across the floor, a normal result of my flashbacks. I hauled myself up and went downstairs to get some breakfast before my cousins, Scarlett, Alex, and Gemma realized I had another flashback. They definitely wouldn’t let me go to find the killers if they knew I kept having flashbacks. Once I got to the kitchen, I realized our chef wasn’t awake to make breakfast because it was 4 o’clock in the morning. I decided to waste a few hours training, so I would be hungry for breakfast. I started with a few laps in the pool, and then climbed onto the rafters and jumped into the pool, just in case, because you never know if you’re going to fall from the sky into water; better to be prepared than dead. I think I woke up Scarlett because when I swam up, I saw her standing in the doorway. She executed a perfect dive into the water and we swam laps together. She would be coming with me on the hunt for the killers. Her mom died of cancer and her dad died of pneumonia when she was an infant, so she lived with my parents and me for most of her life. During the night of the fire, she was having a sleepover at a
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