The Day Is Most Exciting Time Of Everyone 's Life

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Graduation day is most exciting time in everyone’s life. Students feel accomplished, proud and motivated to secure a good career ahead. George Saunders in his commencement speech congratulates young graduates on their success. But he also questions them about being successful as a human being. "When young we 're anxious-understandably-to find out what it takes. Can we succeed? Can we build a viable life for ourselves?"(Saunders 31).Saunder is concerned that young people will be so much focused on being "successful" their entire life; as a result, they will regret some important things that they missed; that is, being kind to others. George Saunders in his speech for kindness tries to persuade young graduate students to be kind. Using…show more content…
When he said “so, quick, end-of- speech advice, since ... Kaur 2 your life …gradual process of becoming kinder and loving: hurry up, speed it along, start right now” (Saunders 35), make audiences listen to his advice thoughtfully and help audiences realizes that how important and urgent the condition is. Saunders effectively maintains balance between his humorous and sincere tone to keep audiences listen to him sincerely without felling boredom. While persuading someone; it is very important that writer establishes credibility. To establish credibility; Saunders uses ethos by sharing his own experience right in the beginning of his speech. It makes audience trust him that he has experience, and he knows what he is talking about. He begins by sharing some of the most hapless experiences like times when he had been embarrassed in front girl he really liked, working terrible jobs like knuckle puller, getting short on money, going skinny-dipping in a river, and getting sick from the monkey poop that happened to be in that river (Saunders 3). But then he goes on to explain that he does not regret these things because they were all a part of life. But what he does regret most in life are “failures of kindness.”(Saunders15). For example, he shares a story from his childhood that he regrets most. A Seventh grade girl in his class that was bullied by everyone for being different. Although he never bullied her and
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