The Day It Happened: Feminisim, Machismo

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Michelle N Munoz
Mrs. Rossi
RHT 102
14 February 2013
It 's You Not Me

"No sabes lo que tienes hasta que lo pierdes". Which translates to, "You do not know what you have until it is gone." The Day It Happened is a story written by Rosario Morales, a Puerto Rican poet and activist, who was born in Puerto Rico but grew up in New York. This short story takes place in a barrio of N.Y. in an apratment building, which is narrated by one of the neighbors. Morales depicts an abusive Latino relationship during the 90 's where machismo, domestic violence and love coincide to give us a small viewing of how the lives of many Latino womyn were like. The Day It Happened, being told by 12 year-old girl who lives next door to the couple, tells
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"(Wade Shepard; Domestic Violence and Latino Culture; Vagabond Journey). "... he started hitting her. The first time that happened Josie didn 't go to morning mass... Mami went down... to see if she was sick or something. Josie opened the door with a big bruise on her face." (343) In the apartment building where Josie and her husband lived, everyone knew eachother, so when one person didnt go to mass or didnt participate in local event someone was always curious as to the reason. Mami, the narraters mother, sees Josie and comforts her, and if Josie never showed, it was because, "... she was too ashamed..." (343) to show her face, so Mami would stay with her. Domestic Violence not only leaves permanent scars but continues the sterotype where womyn just take the beating while no one else interveins in the matter, because it is considered to be a part of, "... family matters..." (Wade Shepard; Domestic Violence and Latino Culture; Vagabond Journey) in which even though everyone knows what is going on, they keep quiet because the beating of a wife, "...seemed to be, more or less, standard operating procedure." (Shepard) in the Latino culture. When the narartor heard the screams and shouts and hits that Josie was recieving she didnt call the police or help her or get her parents to intervene, she got into
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