The Day It Happened by Rosario Morales

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“Domestic violence, or intimate partner violence, is defined as a pattern of assaultive and coercive behaviors, including physical, sexual, and psychological attacks as well as economic coercion that adults or adolescents use against their intimate partners” (Peeks-Asa). When it comes to domestic violence many people don’t want to get involved, but if just one person took a stand maybe others would follow and potentially save a life, like the neighbors did in The Day It Happened by Rosario Morales. Domestic violence can happen to anyone at any time, there is no typical victim or perpetrator. The fact that there is no one specific group that domestic violence occurs in more than another, only makes it more difficult to get an accurate…show more content…
In some cases of domestic violence it may be difficult for others to get involved, especially if the victim is not ready or willing to admit there is a problem. In cases where the victim will not come forward sometimes all that can be done is talking to the person involved and letting them know that someone is willing to listen when they want to talk. In some cases the victim of domestic violence just needs to know that someone else knows what is going on before they can accept it themselves. If society would be more willing to stand up for the victims and offer assistance, however simple, maybe one person could be helped out of a possibly life-threatening situation. Because it is thought that domestic violence is a problem found in homes most people don’t want to get involved in something that used to be considered a private matter between husbands and wives. It is not an easy choice to make to get involved when it comes to domestic violence and many people choose not to get involved for various reasons. Those who do chose to get involved may have to face the abuser in courts of law if and when it goes that far. This can be frightening for some. Others may consider getting involved an inconvenience if they have to take time out of their lives. For others, they may be friends or acquaintances with the abuser and may
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