The Day My Family And I Moved

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Fifteenth May 2014: The day my family and I moved from Chicago to London because of my Dads promotion. I was enraged about the move though, my family were filled with outright awe. The thought of moving to London, trying new cultures and meeting new individuals tempted them to moving. School: Their accent and uniform – everything was odd. My brother then again delighted in finding another nation and way of life, so he fitted in superbly. Every second was hell and the hall possessed an aroma similar to stagnant body odor. My list of issues were endless: lack of friends, severe bullying, Oh if you didn 't know The name Evans, Josh Evans. Next period was science BO-OORING. In any case, fortunately I was matched up with Eva THE most hottest, most attractive and sexiest girl in the entire school who had sleek blonde hair and smooth frictionless skin with a flawless dazzling grin for a six-week project. That meant we would be with one another regular for 6 weeks. Ace! I had this opportunity to charm her. Saturday morning I hurried down the stairs to see what the upheaval was about and there before me was Eva, with a pile of books and stationary with a sparkling smile all over. "Hey … partner" she said delicately. I could feel my cheeks gradually start to heat up. Damn it! I was becoming flushed like a school girl. I awkwardly muttered a "hello" accordingly. This left my mum with a teasing grin and my brother laughing at the top of his voice like a hyena. I immediately pulled Eva

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