The Day My Little Sister

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Looking back on life, there are many little moments that stand out. Some, more than others, have shaped you in a way that changed the trajectory of your life. These moments can be anything, walking left may have saved you from being mugged, choosing the wrong car can get you stranded in the middle of nowhere. These little choices and events have a way of forming how we are going to live our lives. There are days that are more important than others, however, for me only one comes to mind. The day my little sister, Emily, was born is the most important day of my existence, this day altered my life for the better. When I was an only child, I never felt lonesome. I was constantly the center of attention. When I was not with my parents, I was with my “Ma and Pa”- my grandparents- I could do anything I wanted to do, because they allowed it. Although, I always had a small suspicion that I was missing out on something. My friends had younger siblings, as I observed their interactions I discovered what I was missing out on. I exhausted myself for hours trying to determine if I wanted a brother or a sister. Eventually, after thinking it over I implored my parents for a little sister. Years later, my parents told me they were frightened of my reaction if I happened to get a brother. Nonetheless, I got precisely what I wanted. Emily was born on a bright Friday morning. I was there the entire time, amusing myself with my life sized baby doll as I sat in the waiting room. I wanted to help
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