The Day My Mother Died

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The Day My Mother Died Mother: a term, an idea, an individual. In my case, a singular woman associated with love, nurture, and safety. Unfortunately, life rarely, if ever, takes an individual’s feelings into consideration when doling out hardships. My mother was diagnosed with cancer October 2007, and immediately engaged in chemotherapy in an attempt to slow the disease’s spread. The treatment seemed to work, and she entered remission. In the theme of most things good, it was over way too fast. In almost no time at all, I could barely recognize my own mother; so heavily had the cancer retaliated and so swiftly had her body shed every ounce of fat. Due to the amount of pain and discomfort she experienced during the initial chemotherapy treatments, my mother opted to forego additional treatments (heedless of outside advice), pursuing alternative medicines instead. I cannot accurately describe the feelings of pain, helplessness, and despair I felt watching my mother, the woman who cared for me whenever I was sick, wasting away in front of me. Her pain ended on December 27th, 2009, when her body finally lost the fight against itself. The day I lost my mother was the single most horrible day of my life. There was no indication that this day would be any different than the last. My father was about to go to work, so he, my older brother, and I were sitting in the living room with my mother. My father worked long hours in order to support us and cover my mother’s health care, so my
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