The Day Of A Car

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It was bitter cold and snowing that February morning as the team boarded the bus. After loading up the costume bags and luggage, the girls climbed into their seats wrapped in blankets holding hotel cups of hot chocolate. Everyone’s mood was the same mixture of excitement and terrifying fear. The day they had spent almost ten months preparing for had finally arrived. It was state drill. The busride was a hushed one which was something that rarely happened for the Enterprise Wolverines. Izzy was contemplating how early morning travels usually went. Typically Chloe and Ava sang Katy Perry at the tops of their lungs in attempts to pump up the team before the long day of a competition. Although they meant well, the off-key lyrics did nothing…show more content…
Thinking back on the hard work of the season and even the last four years brought tears to Izzy’s eyes realizing how far her and Kaycee had come together. They entered the huge building together, their hands in each other 's grasp looking for a sort of comfort as the tears streamed down both of their faces. “This is it,” though Izzy to herself, “My last time entering these doors as a competitor with my team.” Izzy and Kaycee wiped the tears from their faces as the team dropped their bags into the stands marked for the teams competing. They went to work applying makeup and doing hair with the rest of the team. After about an hour with other teams surrounding the Wolverines they were all performance ready. The girls all had their long hair up in tight sock buns with silver glitter eyeshadow and thick fake eyelashes making their faces stand out. Coach Maci and Coach Kendell went through each girl checking off hair and makeup to ensure that they all looked precisely the same. Izzy realized that as much and she may hate applying thick makeup and shoving bobby pins into her hair, she was going to desperately miss pre-competition moments such as this. Before Izzy knew it, it was time to take their places for the military portion. The announcers deep voice thundered throughout the large building, “Dixie take the floor! On deck: Enterprise!” “Why must they put us directly after Dixie? They are perfect and we are so aren 't,”
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