The Day Of A Cold And Wet Spring

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At the time of responding to this question it is perfectly timed, as finally we have some lovely weather after the extended winter caused by a cold and wet spring. So sunshine, blue skies and starry nights along with higher temperatures are finally with us in the south west. Some Brits will have already made plans to seek warmer weather and the almost guaranteed sun with warm breezes that come with booking a holiday in hot spots. Over the years I have had some pretty fabulous holidays overseas and in the UK and have a few photo’s and fond memories to draw upon. These days with a combination of a husband with a dislike of flying and dogs who we don’t wish to put into kennels, our holidays tend to revolve around our homeland and what treasures we have found too. From child friendly and latterly teen friendly holidays, to romantic getaways and action packed outings we have covered a huge array of accommodations, activities and explored some fantastic places. I can relate to all of the suggestions that precede the Ciao! Question: where will you be going and which products will you take with you? ~*~ We Love the West: This year, I turned to Airbnb for inspiration and to find suitable accommodation. From my shortlist we chose to stay on a boat in Brixham Marina and we have already had our main holiday which we enjoyed at the end of June anticipating almost guaranteed sunshine and generous temperatures. Whilst the British weather did not live up to our expectations our

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