The Day Of A New Year

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Happy New Year
Festivals and cultures have huge impact in everyone’s life. We believe what we are taught to do in our cultures and we follow those. Every culture are important to their follower. Every culture carries a wide variety of occasions all year around. Those cultures help us to know how it is celebrated, and what meaning it holds. Many cultural events are celebrated worldwide from various cultural groups. It is always better to put hands on hands and get to know each other and help each other out in need cause you can learn many things about that particular culture. Chinese New Year is very different from other culture and its unique significance draws people to it.
Most of us celebrate our New Year in the month of January. It is the first day of the following year whereas Chinese New Year is based on the cycle of the moon. Chinese New Year is also called a lunar new year. It is celebrated in the month of February. This year, celebration started on the February 19th and it will end on 5th March. Chinese New Year is affiliated with the Chinese Zodiac Sign. The sign represents animals such as Monkey, Dragon, Goat, etc. This year it fell under the Goat symbol. The Goat represent peace and harmony within mankind. As I was observing, there were a lot of people buying the little banners, post cards etc. which had the goat symbol stamped into it.
Dragon is the most unique creature than the rest. Dragon is a huge creature who has the paws similar to the tigers and lions,
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