The Day Of An Ox Essay

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"Ian," my father 's deep voice shouted out across the steppe. "I need you over here." I couldn 't run through all the various animals we had, so I sprinted around the menagerie. Half way across, I heard the laborious bay of an ox. It 's probably giving birth, I thought to myself. Just as I rounded the herd, I saw my father and cousin, who was more a like another brother, besides what it looked to be an ox giving birth. Who knew, right? As I walked over to the scene, my dad waved me over impatiently. I moved at a faster pace, but it was a wary pace. I 'm always nervous about birth and knew that it was a painful, yet rewarding process. "How bad is it," I asked."it is bloody?" "Of course it is, pothoc," my cousin, Gresh, said annoyed. Like I said, another brother. "Well, I didn 't know. They 're sometimes not that bad," I replied oblivious to his annoyance. "Exactly, which is why you 're going to pull this calf out," Dad said. What. He said it like it nothing new. "Excuse me, I don 't think I heard you right. I 'm pulling that out of that," I said aghast as I pointed at the hindquarters of the ox. "Yes, now get on your knees and get your hands in there," Dad replied. "besides, you haven 't done it yet and your seventeen summers in now. You 'll have to do this when I 'm dead and gone, now get to it." "So you 're saying that I have to stick my hands in its tzarreth," if I were the ox, I wouldn 't want somebody sticking there hands were they don 't

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