The Day Of Her Forever Dreamed Of Quinceanera

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Today she spent hours having her hair and makeup done to perfection and is cloaked in a big poofy dress she has dreamed of since she was a little girl. She makes her way to the ballroom in a beautiful white limousine. The doors of the limousine are opened by her main Chambelan, or escort. He holds out his hand to take hers and says, “Today is your day, beautiful.” As she makes an entrance through the ballroom doors, her heart is pumping fast and all have their eyes on her. She can’t help but think that it is all too good to be true. She waited so long and often thought this day would never come, but today is the day. She finally turns fifteen; today is the day of her forever dreamed of Quinceañera. A Quinceañera is a celebration that is yearned for by many young Hispanic and Latin American girls. Depending on a family’s wealth, the celebration might be big and extravagant (FalcÓn 76). Quinceañeras in Mexico and Latin American countries are a cultural right of passage for younger women.
Like any tradition, it tends to have a location at which it originates. The origin of the Quinceañera is said to go as far back to the time of the Aztec people (“Quinceañera Celebration.” The Changing). This is just a thought and no one really knows the true place of its origination. It is linked to the Aztec tradition because the Aztecs would also have a rite of passage for young women at the age of fifteen (“Quinceanera: History of a Tradition”). On her fifteenth birthday, the young girl…
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