The Day Of Jesus Christ

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12) Lazarus—John 11:1-12:11: A man named Lazarus is in poor health and close to dying. Jesus Christ knows Lazarus and cares about him deeply. When he hears that Lazarus is sick he plans to go and visit Lazarus. There was word that Lazarus had died and Jesus says that he must go and “awaken him from his sleep.” However this “sleep” is in fact death. Jesus goes to the tomb of Lazarus and orders him to walk out. Lazarus is able to walk out of the tomb on his own and is alive. Jesus says that whoever believes in him will have eternal life. Jesus is able to bring Lazarus back from the dead.
13) The Last Supper—Mark 14, John 13: Mark 14 describes the last supper of Jesus Christ and his twelve disciples. This will be the last supper before Jesus is betrayed and taken away in preparation for the trial and crucifixion. This meal is the Passover meal. Before they begin eating, Jesus mentions that one of the disciples at the table will be the one to betray him. Jesus then takes the bread, blesses it, and gives it to his disciples, telling them that this is his body that will be given up for humanity. He then takes the cup of the wine, blesses it, and gives it to his disciples, telling them that this is his blood “the blood of the new and everlasting Covenant” which will be given to all of humankind. Jesus says that whoever “eats this bread and drinks this cup will live forever in the Kingdom of God.” This ceremony of the last supper is repeated at every Roman Catholic
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