The Day Of Love And Romance

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It all came down to thirty-two final minutes, a culmination of tedious hours, days, weeks, and months to prepare for thirty-two more sixties. My journey during those months was something incredible; that voyage resulted in the most significant learning experience I have encountered.
February 14th, 2015, the day of love and romance, yet my day was marked with anger, pain, and grief. Destiny Christian’s third consecutive state championship basketball game against Providence Academy in my high school tenure dominated most of my thoughts and time that day, consequently not new to the stage, the environment, or the atmosphere, but oh what a novice I was to the newfound pressure that lay on my weak, narrow shoulders. My first game leading the charge and not humbly bowing down to the heavy barrage of upperclassmen. Nevertheless, my duty was not fulfilled as we lost and I felt as I let down friends, families, and a whole school full of top notch individuals. Typically, a state championship tournament includes teams from that respective state only, but my athletic association deemed a tad unique in that aspect. Providence Academy, based out of Rogers, Arkansas, recruits players from overseas to improve their teams, the only team in the athletic association that does this. These methods enabled them to have a 6’9” Nigerian center, a 6’5” Lithuanian point guard, and a 6’4” German small forward, a combo that towered over and bullied almost everyone they played, including my team. Our…
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