The Day Of Marine Life

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NOTE: I KNOW IT’S TOO LONG I glanced up at the Moon, shining its radiant light on the blue, tiled, glossy deck of the cruise ship. This was my first time on a cruise and I was going to enjoy it to its fullest. A light breeze stirs up ripples on the peaceful water of the pool. The moon centers itself in the night sky. I forgot a towel and it’s freezing out of the water so I’m currently trapped in the pool. Tomorrow would be the first day we dock at some island(at least I think it’s an island). There were many excursions to go on, but most them were boring. They were all about observing dull colored shapes float around in a body of water with weird blobs on the ground. Animal and plant…show more content…
Let me make it clear, I’m not eager to go, I just don’t like waiting to do stuff even more! “Mom, why do we have to go to this place in the middle of nowhere? It would have been more fun just wandering around the cruise! Why do we have to go? Can’t I go somewhere else, anywhere but to the ocean of boringness!” I complained. “You’ve never seen any sort of marine life before other than fish in a fish tank at a restaurant. You’ll never grow if you don’t try anything new,” lectured my mom. “I don’t want to go means I don’t want to go! Please, just let me stay on the cruise or let me go ride the ocean waves! Anything except this!” I begged! I clamp my hands together and got right up in her face, “Please, please, please, I’m begging you!” “You will go and you will learn what marine life really is. Would those cats in the whatever series show weakness like you are now at the prospect of trying something new that could benefit them and won’t cost them?” I groan and lean against a palm tree. I was trying to tell my mom about the how Firepaw rose all the way from a kittypet to the leader of a clan! He was awesome and wasn’t afraid to try anything new even if it broke clan rules. She was using the books I read against me. I really liked his personality and wanted to be like that too. I look up at the palm tree, at it’s large leafs blocking the sunlight and shading me. I look at it’s unyielding trunk, holding itself up against storms of all
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