The Day Of Marine Life

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I glanced up at the Moon, shining its radiant light on the blue, tiled, glossy deck of the cruise ship. This was my first time on a cruise and I was going to enjoy it to its fullest. A light breeze stirs up ripples on the peaceful water of the pool. The moon centers itself in the night sky. I forgot a towel and it’s freezing out of the water so I’m currently trapped in the pool. Tomorrow would be the first day we dock at some island(at least I think it’s an island). There were many excursions to go on, but most them were boring. They were all about observing dull colored shapes float around in a body of water with weird blobs on the ground. Animal and plant life on land would be so much more entertaining than the snorkeling excursion my mom had chosen. I had convinced myself that marine life was boring and that tomorrow wasn’t going to be any fun.
It’s finally morning and I’m at the mercy of the Sun! I feel my skin blazing under the intense heat of the Sun. Isn’t my sunscreen going to burn off in like, one second! The fact that we’re on beautiful white sand isn’t helping at all. In fact, if anything, it’s getting my scarlet slippers all sandy and burning my feet. My mom and I are impatiently waiting in line to get on a ship that would take us to the location of ultimate boredom, at least I was impatient. I didn’t get it, what was so interesting about things floating in water with weird…

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