The Day Of My Birthday Party

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Caregiver It was the day of my seventeenth birthday party and everything seemed to be going perfect. I woke up early to shower and get ready because I had made plans with my boyfriend Nathen to go to Mrs. J’s for breakfast. I told my mom I loved her and that I would see her in about an hour. I gave her a hug and kiss and stepped out the door. I got in my car and headed into town. It is a ten minute drive from my house to orrville. I called Nathen and told him I was on my way. As we started to order our food, I realized I had forgot to tell my mom what I wanted her to get me. I texted her because when I left she told me she was going to finish the laundry and then run errands to get everything for the day. As we finished our meals, I checked my phone and noticed that she had never replied. I called her as we got outside and I could just tell from the tone in her voice that something sounded wrong
“Hey Mom, did you get my text?”
“What? I can’t talk on the phone right now,” she replied. She sounded as though she had just woken up from a nap.
“Mom, did you fall asleep? Nathen and I just got done and we’re about to head back to the house. Are you okay?” I was worried but I hoped that she did not hear it in my voice.
“Yes Kelsi, i’m fine, i 'm just tired and I need to go I can 't talk on the phone.” this time, she sounded tired and angry.
“Well wheres Bayli and Dad?” I asked right as I remembered my dad had just gone to the hospital to see his friend.
“Your dads at the hospital…

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