The Day Of My Senior Year

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I woke up the next day in the hospital. My parents and my friends were at my bedside. They were pale and tired and looked quiet. I must have really scared them. When my parents left, Jane came up to me. She started crying. “I’m sorry, Alex,” she wept. “I’m really sorry.” For the rest of my senior year, no one mentioned Grace. Grace only belonged to our group of friends, so there was no mention of her. One time, a police officer came to the principal’s office, and Ellie and Ally were quick to drag us away. I graduated high school and immediately left to go to a university far away. It was four years later when I was about to finish college when I ran into an old acquaintance from high school. She to different people than me and my friends. I went to her apartment for coffee and saw that she was packing up, since she was moving. I saw a thick book on the coffee table. “Oh, yeah, that’s the senior yearbook from our school. I was looking at it when I found it.” “For Grace?” I read from the first page. It was a dedication saying ‘Goodbye, We’ll miss you forever’. My mind raced; was there someone else named Grace in our year? “Yeah, it’s really sad what ended up happening to her,” she said, I flipped through the yearbook, looking for a trace of Grace. Then, I found it. My mouth went dry. My hands shook as I looked at the photograph. It was a picture of us, We stood with our arms over hips and shoulders, close together for the photograph. There was Megan at the end, then me,

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