The Day Of The Best Days Of My Life

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This summer was possibly, no, most definitely the greatest in all my sixteen years of existence. Although I moved into a completely new town, my friends from back home still gave me three of the best days of my life. My friends and I waited all year for summer to come, and once it did, we were ready to have the greatest adventures of our lives, and believe me, we did. The air was hot, the water was warm, and we didn’t put just put our feet in the pool of summer; we dived right in. The “day of the balloons,” the Fourth of July, and my Sweet 16 were three of the most amazing days of my 2013 summer experience. I woke up at about noon on “the day of the balloons” because I had fell asleep at about the crack of dawn. Unfortunately, I awoke to sheets being torn off me with the kind of force that one might rip off a band aid. My best friend, Maria, stood above me and clapped her hands as if she’d just received some spectacular news, but it turned out she had just figured out how to make her first meal. I later found out the meal was eggs and bacon; I congratulated her on the... accomplishment. I rolled out of bed, fell, but managed to get up without anyone seeing, my pride still intact. We got ready for the day, I vaguely remember my outfit, but do remember Maria was wearing a white dress; she looked somewhat like a fairy princess, and come to think of it, she always looks like a fairy princess. We sat and contemplated our plans for the day, and after much contemplation, we

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