The Day Of The Dead

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El Dia de los Muertos/The Day of the Dead “La ofrenda de los muertos” which means the offering of the dead, is the step of a colorful ritual where an individual and the community are represented by their gifts. It is a sacred act, but can also be secular. The popular tradition is when the devotion of the sacred conjoins with the secular practice. Ofrendar (to offer) on the day of the dead, is to give ones bread, salt, fruits, pastries and water to the deceased and if they were adults, wine can also be included. By giving, the community comes closer to the ones that have passed away to reflect with their memory and life. The offering is a reunion with the ritual that brings about and honors memory. The offering, as known today, is also a reflection of the syncretism of the old and the new world. The offering of the dead must have several essential elements in order to be received. If one of the elements is missing, the spiritual charm that surrounds this religious heritage is not complete. Each of the following elements has its own history, tradition, poetry and above all, mysticism. Water is the source of life and is offered to the souls so they quench their thirst after their long journey and strengthens them for their return. In some cultures it symbolizes the purity of the soul. Salt is an element of purification, serves the body so it is not corrupted, on its trip in returning for the following year. Candles are used in different forms such as candles or wax. The flame
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