The Day Of The Dead

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Several faces were painted as Calaveras, or skulls; some were colorful, intricate designs, others were simple, yet elegant, with black and white. People were gathered to celebrate the Day of the Dead. Day of the Dead is celebrated on November 2nd. This was the 42nd day of the Dead event hosted by Self Help Graphics, at Felicitas and Gonzalo Mendez High School. This year’s event was subtitled, “Alas de los Muertos, The Return of the Souls.” According the pamphlet handed out in the information booth, “the return of the souls,” refers to the monarch butterflies that return every year during the Day of the Dead celebration. With this as a subtheme, many artworks of butterflies displayed throughout the event. In addition to the artworks, handcrafted tissue paper carnations and papier-mâché skulls were used as décor, which tied the Day of the Dead look together. Along with the beautiful displays of artwork, there was also food and entertainment at the event. Vendors selling food such as pupusas, tamales, and posole. The entertainment consisted of face painting, children’s art workshops, and performers such as Brenton Wood, The Wise Guys, and El –Haru Kuroi. To accompany the festivities, there were dance and face paint competitions. Not only did I attend the event, but I also volunteered by taking orders and selling merchandise. Before the day of the event, I decided to head from Northridge over to Alhambra, where my mom lives. Going to Alhambra first, made the distance to Los
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