The Day Of The Dinner Table Essay

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We were sitting down at the dinner table enjoying lasagna. We had the same old discussions at the table. How was work? What did you do in school? My mom asked my siblings and I if we met any new friends. That was the first time my mom spoke in a long time. The first time she didn’t have a brittle sound coming from her. My mom brought my brother, Jose, up. She talked about how this year, if he was alive, he would be 7 years old. It was dead silence at that point. The silence was so thick and hefty, it lingered in the air. My dad told her to stop talking about him. He doesn’t really like when she brings up Jose. It happened and there was no way to go back in time and change it. She replied that she didn’t say anything bad. It was causing distress to all of us. I remained quiet because it was just awkward. I detest it when she brings up my brother. However, I’m glad that she made an attempt to make a conversation in a long time. My brother passed away at birth due to a complication. I cried when I first heard about the catastrophe. I felt like somebody had punched me in my stomach repeatedly, when I heard the news. I remember the anticipation, waiting nine months to meet my brother. My little brother would lay next to my mom and sing to her belly. We were anxious because we were about to have a little brother. My parents went to the hospital that night because the baby was ready to be born. My dad came back the next day. He did not say anything but to get in the car. I asked
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