The Day Of The Emergency Closing Essay

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worked on the day of the emergency closing; excluding exempt staff and management. If there is a delayed opening, all employees who report to work that day by the delayed opening time, including part-time, casual and per diem, will be paid for the total number of hours they were scheduled to work that day. To the extent permitted by law, any employee who arrives at work later than the designated delayed opening time will be paid only from the time of arrival. If the decision is made to close the office early, the Supervisor/Practice Manager will notify employees to immediately begin the trip home. Those designated as critical employees must remain at work even after an early emergency closing and will be paid at time and a half for all hours worked that day after the early closing. If the decision is made to remain open, employees should make a reasonable attempt to safely report to work or notify the office, or its telephone service, as early in the morning as possible, that they will not be reporting to work. A PTO or vacation day must be used by full-time employees for that day. SUMMARY This Handbook highlights your opportunities and responsibilities as an employee of AARA and PEMCO. It is intended to give you a general overview of the Companies employment policies and procedures and benefits. Because we operate in a dynamic industry, some policies and benefit programs currently in effect may be revised, suspended, or eliminated by AARA or PEMCO in response
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