The Day Of The Last Rock Fight

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The reasoning and thought process behind any decision will dictate the outcome of the situation, as it is affected by prior knowledge and experience, which is necessary in predicting how an event will play out. In both “The Day of the Last Rock Fight” by Joseph Whitechill and “Lather and Nothing Else” by Hernando Tellez, the authors use fear driven characters who are in similar situations regarding immorality. However, the events leading to and reasoning behind their thoughts remain very different despite the fact that the circumstances they find themselves in are alike in nature. This is portrayed through the barber and Ronnie’s contrasting beliefs and impact from society. It is also shown through the variance in the decision making process carried out by the two individuals. Ronnie habitually makes hasty decisions that will benefit himself, whereas the barber makes calculated and selfless decisions. Through the two stories it is explained that the latter will result in a better conclusion, as being selfish and too quick to act can lead to unexpected personal and external conflicts. The opposing outcomes highlight the idea that the ways in which decisions are made are extremely influential, regardless of the circumstances.

Though the barber and Ronnie are in almost parallel situations, their values and pressure from society play a major role in determining the type of decisions they make, and in turn the eventual conclusion of the issue at hand. In “The Day of the Last…

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