The Day Of The Lottery

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The people in a small town are gathering on a warm, beautiful summer day in the square for the lottery. The children, who have just finished school, are playing while waiting on their parents to meet them in the square and are gathering up rocks into a pile off to the side. Everyone enters the square and the parents call their children over to stand with the family. Mr. Summers and Mr. Graves, the men who conduct the lottery, arrive in the square with the black box. The box is falling apart and Mr. Summers has an idea to make a new box but no one wants to change the way things have been done for so many years even though they had already replaced the traditional wood chips for the drawing with pieces of paper. Mr. Summers mixes up the papers that are made the night before and begins to go over the general rules of the lottery. Before he can begin, Tessie Hutchinson enters late because she forgot that today was the day of the lottery. As she walks through the crowd to stand by her family the townspeople playfully joke with her and her family about being late. Mr. Summers continues with going over the rules of the lottery: he will read off a name, and the head of the family must come up and pick a piece of paper. No one is allowed to look at the paper until everyone has chosen one. During this time, Mr. Adams is telling Old Man Warner that people might stop the lottery. Old Man Warner says that stopping the lottery could cause them to return to living in caves that it
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