The Day Of The Night

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Bravery is when you can stand up to things without a drop of fear in your heart and on the night of March 17th 2015 that 's exactly what I did. It was a calm night the sky was cloudless and the only noise I could hear was laughter. It was St.. Patrick 's day and I decided to stay in for the night. I was preparing for bed when the laughter outside my door got louder. I decided to go a see what was so funny; little did I know this one move would changed mine and someone else life forever.

I looked over my room balcony and saw a group of kids my age in a circle picking teams for another round of the game they were playing. As I was about to turn and go back inside one of the many voices yelled up to me and said "Hey, wanna join?". My first thought was to say no because I didn 't know any of them but then I remembered how boring my day went and decided to go down. I shouted back "Sure, why not". I quickly went back in my room changed my clothes and went straight to join the game. When I got to the group I asked "who all playing and what are we playing"? One of the girls that was in the group said "we all are just have to pick teams and Man Hunt, you heard of it?". I replied " Okay and Yea I played it before". She then started a game of Rock Paper Scissors to give us the two main captains for the teams. We let them choose who they wanted and right after we started the game. We played about two good rounds and decided to rest. During our break we all had a chance to talk and get

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